Dissolving barriers between audience and artist, and inviting the ‘ceremony’ back into MC (Master of Ceremonies).


As an EmCee, it is my greatest joy to create unforgettable moments of connection and catalyze group flow state. The Art of the EmCee is in listening and attuning to the audience to move the energy in congruence with the arc of the experience. In moments of intellectual capacity, perhaps it’s some movement and laughter. When it’s been a long full day, I invite energy and liveliness through movement, song, and connection. When people are losing presence, breath and meditation. When there’s some serious emotions moving, guiding the group with care so there is a profound sense of safety and sacredness.
With my vast tool belt, I can give the audience what they actually need to best serve the moment and support people in getting the most out of an event.

Typically, events have a lot of stimulating material and an abundance of inspiration. However real change and lasting memories happen when the material is integrated and embodied. With physical, social and emotional engagement creatively woven through an experience, we make a great event, exceptional.

With a 10 year background of event production, I know there can be any number of unexpected and inconvenient hiccups. Part of my magic as an EmCee is being able to adapt and navigate on the fly so no one know there’s chaos behind the scenes. I become the familiar face the audience and team knows they can trust to hold the space of safety even in moments of chaos, awkwardness or unexpected circumstances. I create the space for people to feel at home (even that one time a tornado warning flew through an outdoor event I was co-hosting). ;)

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