Guided Experiences


I believe the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives. 
And how we relate to each other has everything to do with our connection to ourself.

In these guided journeys, we first return to our center.
The experience is tailored for the group and environment. In team spaces, it can be used to catalyze group flow state and is great for creating an environment of trust and creative collaboration.
In event and conference settings, the Arc of the experience can lead to Ecstasis (a state of collective joy). After these guided experiences , participants report a sense of greater ease in connecting to people throughout the event, a feeling of belonging, they feel uplifted and and more present.


Transformational Experiences
& Embodied Leadership Workshops

Themes: Bringing the sacred into your work. Full Spectrum Leadership. Life Design. Stay Centered in the business and chaos of life.

Curated Experiences for your Private Group

Celebrations, ceremonies and one-of-a-kind immersive experiences to honor life’s most precious moments. I design to open hearts and organically curate meaningful connection that lead’s to memories that last a life time and are worth more than gold.
Baby Showers - Bridal Parties - Bachelor Parties - Women’s Circles - Men’s Salons - Birthdays - Anniversaries - Team Celebrations - Moving Cities - Death - Divorce -
Just for the sake of gathering to celebrate life!

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