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The art of reality creation & embodying the essence of exquisite abundance.

The Sacred Arts of Leadership live immersion, hosted in Los Angeles + Ojai, CA.
Our next immersion begins September 2019.

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Are you longing to feel more deeply connected to yourself, rooted and unwavering in your power?

To experience your life as a stunning, soulful orchestration of beauty, ease and grace?

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Does embodying ‘exquisite abundance’ draw you in with curiosity?

The essence of abundance is magnetism.

An embodied radiance that draws life towards you.

Sourcing from the endless wellspring of Shakti.

Feeling creativity alive within you.

Open to intimacy and legendary love.

Allowing life to bless you.

Where your way of being becomes a gift in the live’s of everyone whose graced by your presence.

When who you are becomes so loud, no words are needed.


Is there an evolutionary impulse alive within you drawing you towards a deepening in this way of embodied power and blissful living?

Sister, you’re invited to immerse yourself in the Sacred Arts of Embodied Leadership and living the Beauty Way.
Living with all your soul and all of your love.
All-in for your life,
and for all life.
My love, it’s time to come home to yourself and rise in your authentic power. You won’t be deeply satisfied until you embody the fullness of your natural abundant essence.

If your heart strings are being pulled on, let’s connect.


That undeniable knowing in your bones.

The truth is, you’re already living a life most people dream of.. but there is something that’s been brewing inside you. That evolutionary impulse to grow, rise and embody with unwavering power, your soul’s path of purpose & pleasure. To step into your next level of magnetism and live as an exquisitely abundant woman, in all ways.

This 4 month experiential training and ceremonial immersion is designed to:

✧ Have your life and work feel more easeful.

✧ Deepen connection with your Soul/Spirit/the Muse - feeling supported by life, clear & inspired.

✧ Experience greater freedom. Inviting deeper intimacy, self expression, trust in life, and a feeling of ‘anything’s possible!’

✧Experience more pleasure! (can I get an AMEN?!)

✧Embody your true essence.

✧ Be available to allow the fullness of life to pulse through you, as you — the extraordinary joy, exquisite beauty, heart-ripping grief.. to allow love all-the-way-in and give of your love and gifts freely, while being totally self resourced and anchored, unwavering in your personal power. Nothing becomes too big to take you out. You have the tools + rituals to boldly take life on as the epic badass Queen that you are.

Our Curriculum

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Inner Divine Union & Harmony

Live in greater harmony in all areas of your life, with a healthy relationship of your inner ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’.

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Life By Design

Become the master artist of your life. Access your deepest desires, craft your daily rituals and re-define what’s possible for you.

& Rituals for Thriving

Bring the sacred into every part of your life, creating wholeness and a feeling of connection, support and beauty in all that you do.

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Sacred Discipline & Aligned Action

Receive support from your sister council to be in action and take courageous leaps in your life. No more playing small my love.

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Emotional & Mental Mastery

Powerfully choose the stories you tell yourself and become a vessel for life.


Feminine Embodiment

Cultivate your Magnetism, Vitality, Sensuality & a greater capacity to live and lead from your Center. ☼

This is for you if you’ve been asking yourself the question that goes something like this, “How can I bring my life, love and work to a deeper level? In greater service to the planet, and with more ease, pleasure and power?”

If you’d like to connect with Charlene one-to-one to explore whether this is a fit, you can schedule a call with her below. :)


If you want to experience a different reality, you must immerse yourself in the reality that you want.

This is an experiential training. You learn through direct experience of yourself in action… Most of the note taking will be you in inquiry with yourself and recording the revelations you receive through our practice together. You’ll be invited to look at your life as an experimental laboratory during our time together, directly applying the insights and teachings into your day to day for full integration. This isn’t about knowing more information, this is about embodying the next level of your leadership and priestesship.

Our Training Weekends & Ceremony Dates

Our next group beings November 23, 2019.

Our live Gathering dates:
💫November 23-24: Saturday + Sunday 10am-7pm
💫December Winter Solstice Retreat: Dec 19-22; Ojai CA
💫January 25 // Lunar New Year: Saturday, 12pm-9pm
💫February 22-23 // New Moon: Saturday, 12pm-9pm + Sunday 10am-7pm

All gatherings, except our Ojai Retreat, will be held at a private sanctuary in Malibu or Venice, Los Angeles.

A beautiful farm-to-table meal + snacks and tonics are included in our full day immersions.

All retreat costs including all meals, shared accommodations and hot springs are included.

If you’re unable to make one date, this experience is still possible for you! I offer a special gift in these situations. And if these dates are just simply not possible for you, add your email below to be notified of the next round.

What’s included:

One-to-One Support

You’ll receive two 1x1 Coaching Sessions with me- one during our training to ensure you get the most out of your experience, and one at the end to support with integration.

Allyship: Accountability & Inspiration

You’ll be placed into a small group for weekly accountability check-ins to keep you on track with your most important goals + intentions. 3 calls a month will have a very specific goals + intentions format, designed to inspire you to show up fully for your work, and your personal goals (such as meditation, cleansing, relationship intimacy, etc). One call a month is a personal check-in where you can ask for support, share life updates, and be witnessed + celebrated by your beautiful Queen’s Council.

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Our Exquisite Abundance Retreat!

Held in the beautiful Ojai, Valley of the Moon. A land of sacred rejuvenation. An embrace of the feminine spirit.

What to expect:

✧ Special guest ceremonialist
✧Hot Springs! ✧Private yoga
✧ Delicious nourishing farm-to-table meals
✧Ceremony & Activations
✧ Luxurious treatment @ Ojai Valley Inn & Spa
✧Nature Medicine
✧Life Design deep dive

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The Sisterhood
A community of practice. A Queen’s Council.

Be immersed in a deeply nourishing, epically inspiring group of extraordinary women who will become your life-long allies.
A communion of pioneering souls - those compelled to evolve. Women who long for greater love, creativity and purpose

Nobody has seen the culture we’re building. Any sustainable change at a whole systems level, will be a result of a large enough fractal of people embodying that quality at in individual and communal level. Let’s gather for our personal evolution, in service to collective evolution.

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Gifts & Resources

Ritual tools to use in your daily at-home practice.
A recap after every training weekend (including video, audio, and written content when appropriate) for ease of practice at home.


The World Needs Us

& We Need Each Other.


Hi love, I’m Charlene.

I’ve studied with indigenous grandmothers and some of the most influential business leaders. I’ve worked with master plant medicine teachers, water fasted and retreated to mountains to be in silence and commune with the Earth and the divine. I’ve built several companies, some successes and one in particular was an epic learning lesson. I’ve had surgeries and miraculously healed myself.
I’ve trained in feminine embodiment arts, Earth Priestess ways, tantra, embodied leadership, Ayurveda and numerous wellness modalities, Integral Facilitation, Women’s Moon Mysteries, Awakening Women’s Temple Group Facilitation, Naam Yoga, Kabbalah, Harmonyum Healing and the list goes on.
I’ll be a life-long student in pursuit of truth, in devotion to awakening the hearts of humanity and protecting the sacred.
I’ve integrated all these teachings and life experiences into an embodied and beautiful way of being. My life feels like Heaven on Earth, and it used to be melancholy and numb. I’m here to model and teach The Master Keys for your next level of Awakening and embodied leadership.

Some of my Leading Values as an Evolutionary Feminine Leader.

Resilience bee sacred autumn.jpg

Protect that which you cherish.


Sexy is sacred. Pleasure is your birthright.

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We Rise Together.

We’re stronger when we lift each other up and support one another. Plus it’s more fun.

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Live in Harmony with all of life, with care for the next 7 generations.

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“A true master is not the one with the most students, but the one who creates the most masters.”


Live like every moment is precious and honor yourself as a most precious child of the Divine.

As I reflect on the last year or so of my life, I'm simply blown away by the way it's transformed to bless me with more ease. Until recently, life always felt like a struggle. I could see where I wanted to be, but always felt like it just wasn’t happening for me… but it was for everyone else.

What’s changed is that I’m constantly attuning to the path of greatest ease, allowing grace in. It doesn’t mean I am avoiding discomfort, because being a courageous bold leader isn’t always “easy”. But the mostly persistent inner sense of ease is more about how I respond to things, how I relate to myself, the people in my life, and my work. It’s a deeper trust in my body’s intelligence and intuitive knowing. Who I experience myself to be and the mastery in which I navigate relationships, challenges, etc, gives way to ease. And this is what we focus on in our journey together.

Do you feel this experience tugging at your heart?

This could be the investment in yourself that makes all the difference for you.
If this offering feels resonant and you’re inspired to courageously love yourself in this way, there are 3 options for reciprocity and sacred exchange.

The program cost, including all expense paid Retreat is $4,750.


Pay in full & receive $550 off, as well as a free 1x1 coaching session before our program begins (valued at $550+). Women who opt for the 5-month payment plan also receive a free session! 12 month payment plan also available for extra spaciousness.

Are you a Mama who would love to be here, and you could use some extra support? I know raising another human, especially if you are a single mama or babe came unexpectedly before all the finances were dialed in… can be quite the dance and initiation!

I am offering up to $10,000 worth of scholarship funds to mama’s-in-need.
If you feel that’s you, and it truly wouldn’t be possible without financial support — apply here. Scholarship amount will depend on how many mama’s apply and how it feels best to distribute the abundance.

>> Apply for the scholarship. <<

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You feeling the call but have some more questions that weren’t answered here? Or maybe we haven’t met and you want to feel me in a more intimate way? I totally get it.
Let’s hop on a call to explore together what’s the best path forward for you. I’ll just be a space to guide you to your own inner knowing, no sales tactics here. I’m simply available to illuminate truth and share my heart with you.

Or have a curiosity that you want to write me about? Go ahead and email here.

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To priestess is verb - an action, a state of being, a dedication to be of service.

In the first couple years of hosting this experience, I called it Priestess Arts.
But people confuse Priestess as some new-age goddessy title, a better-than preacher or a mysterious ancient myth.
So let me clear this up for you, and share what this is really all about:
The path of the modern day priestess asks you to
commit fully to the people and community around you, to the Earth, to yourself, to your body.

It’s about living your life as a beautiful prayer.

The way of the priestess means bringing the sacred to everything we do. It’s the path of living your life as if it’s a ceremony. A way of living in which you deeply cherish and appreciate your life. It’s about becoming the medicine.
You are lit up and overflowing with thankfulness everyday.
You see the gift, opportunity and beauty in any challenge. And you move with an embodied sense of ease and trust.

The 21st century Priestess is grounded.
She is bridging worlds.
She is—you are, a clear vessel for spirit to be made manifest through all you create. It’s a time for practical magic — playing boss, mama, entrepreneur, artist— with such pristine power that you can truly live your best life, while making this world a more beautiful and loving place.


Some Media Medicine for you, this spoken word poem has become a Manifesto for me: 

Answers to things you may be wondering about…

  • Exact Los Angeles location revealed upon registration.

  • What if I can’t make a date?
    If there’s more than one of you who are interested and aren’t available on the same date, I’ll explore with our community the possibility of another date. If that’s not an easeful and honoring change - I’ll gift you a 1x1 session with me instead. I’ll also make available a 50% off voucher for a personal immersion and private ceremony with me.

  • Will I be trained or certified in a specific modality?

    • While you will learn many new skills and practices, this is about becoming a more masterful YOU rather than a master at something specific. It will enhance everything you’re already up too.

  • How does the payment plan work?

    • Payment plans are made over 5 or 12 automatic payments. You’ll pay for the first month, and your card will automatically be debited over the following months. If you’d like to pay a larger deposit up front and have smaller payments monthly, I can craft a special link for you.