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The Evolutionary Woman Council.

Welcome to the global community of women leaders who are ALL-IN for living an uncompromised life in harmony with all life. We’re Rising Up. Together.











Protectors of the Sacred

the wild ones

the ones who believe in possibility



We come from different nations.
We follow different spiritual paths.
We work in different professions.
We pursue unique passions.
We play dynamic roles in life.

But It Doesn’t Matter Our Labels.
It Matters What We Stand For.


The evolutionary impulse is urging us to evolve into greater wholeness and harmony.

Sister, we’ve been preparing for this time for years (lifetimes, perhaps). We’ve been gathering in circle and traversing the inner and outer world on an epic heroine’s journey. And here we are, rooted in ourself and ready to rise.

Our heart’s have been tenderized and opened.
Our spirit strengthened.
Our mind is in greater congruence with our heart and soul.
So now, my sister, we deepen.
We’re being called to live and role model for the world, divinely embodied wholeness.
It’s time to trust our power as individuals and as a collective.
It’s time to come into greater coherence and collaboration.
It’s a time of soul aligned action, in service to all of life, which includes us living our best life.
Not only does the world need us, but we need each other.
Sister we just simply can’t do it alone anymore. It’s exhausting.
So we gather in council as solutionaries and visionaries, to help each other remember. To inspire and uplift each other. To support each other. To co-evolutionize the way we live and work.

*Photo Create & Cultivate

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Council as Sacred Activism.

In this time of great transition and prophecy, the way to create the more beautiful world our hearts all know is possible is through allyship.

We gather to be in the questions that are driving us and receive insight and revelation from our sisters.

We gather to share our wisdom and generously share our love and gifts — moving out of the paradigm of withholding our love or hiding our magic.

As solutionaries and visionaries, we come together to be creative catalysts and mirror to each other what’s possible. When one woman breaks free of how she thought things should be done, and truly finds her unique rhytmn and way of creation — it unlocks for all of us new pathways for how we may all free ourselves to live in greater alignment.

The research and mystics have said many times over, we become our environment. Who we have around us makes such a difference. So we create a circle in which the ecosystem is designed to serve as a pristine mirror reflecting to us our brilliance. Our divinity. Our innate wholeness. The power of our soul. A space where we get asked the questions that guide us to our own inner knowing, truth and remembrance.

We come together to share tools, practices, inquiries and resources that support our quantum leaps in personal evolution, in service to collective evolution.


WE ARE the source of love, awakening the hearts of humanity.

We hold the codes within us for raising the consciousness on this planet.

and we can do it.

because we ARE resilient


WE are strong



A Living Prayer

This circle will be a pillar of light. An anchor point in our life that fills us with joy and motivation. The container will be so strong in it’s prayer, that it will shift our way of being when we tune into the field throughout our days between meetings. This won’t be a thing we do on the side. It will be a field that potentiates all we’re creating. Whether you’ve been to Burning Man or not, you’ve probably heard that it’s a place of magical synchronicity. The reason Burning Man potentiates the field for synchronicity is because it’s a collective choice of 1,000's to allow for magic, miracles and synchronicities. And so it is.
So the opportunity we have is to collectively infuse this council with a prayer that will light us up. A prayer that has this circle breath more vitality and magic into our lives and create a ripple of goodness into the world. 

When a sister is birthing a project or offering into the world, we’ll mastermind and resource share with her so she feels so supported and clear.

This is not a “therapy group” — but if someone close to a sister dies, or a breakup happens, we will hold a collective grief ritual.

If there is a collective theme coming up, such as self doubt, we will do deep transformational processes to reconcile this illusion and come into greater wholeness and power.

We will collectively vision the future we want to create, inspiring each other and coming into greater coherence as a community, anchoring in the prayers of this new earth.

We will hold council on our most pressing topics and life questions.

When we gather in person, we will sing, dance, celebrate, hold each other, pray together, and be in ceremony.

We will create an intimate sisterhood— an allyship of support and collaboration that is only possible in a container like this. By ‘like this’ I mean one in which we meet consistently over time. Supporting and witnessing each other’s evolution and birth of projects into the world. A circle that is not hierarchal, planned or curriculum based. A container that is emergent, yet held with such a pristine prayer, that we know and trust the work will be done that is needed. We will cherish the opportunity that is the sacred power of a committed Women’s circle. 


The Synarchy

Time to create our Queendom of Love.

“Synarchy is the self-organising evolutionary impulse that gathers us into a collective higher consciousness through encouraging individual genius. Synarchy is our society of the future, based on the frequency of love, wisdom and truth all working in harmony.” Richard rudd

queendom of love.jpg

In a model of synarchy, no one is above anyone else because at all times there is an awareness and celebration of the groups inherent oneness. Each of us are an essential thread in the whole tapestry, in our circle and in life.

As a masterful facilitator and teacher, I love guiding programs and curated experiences. However, I’m calling on you, fellow master, to create an emergent collaborative field. Yes, I will be here holding the container, ensuring communications and the details that support our council flourishing are held with pristine care. However this isn’t a coaching program or training.

Out of the prayer in which this container has been birthed and will he held, it can only be true that this particular geometric configuration of women are coming together by divinely guided perfection for our souls evolution. In this core fractal, as each of us awaken into deeper truth, trust and revelation — we all awaken. And as the group awakens, every soul we’re connected to is catalyzed into greater awakening. In the Gene Keys model of synarchy and core fractals, Richard Rudd explains that the "awakening of a core human fractal represents the activation of a previously dormant code within the overall program. As the core fractal is activated, it removes the virus that is wound around its genetic lineage.”

In this time of accelerated transformation on the planet, it is necessary that we do our transformational work together, in relationship. With our collective core wound being that of separation, it is in our intimate relations and togetherness that the greatest awakening is possible. We help each other access the dormant codes in our DNA, like Imaginal Cells encoded with our divinity.  

This council is a sacred dojo to practice dissolving the illusion of separateness and an experiment in re-templating our bodies. 

That might of sounded fancy, and though I imagine you feel the truth and transmission of this prayer— most simply, we will be supported in ways we possibly haven’t before. When we feel truly supported and not alone, it heals the deepest core wound of humanity — seperation.

As we harness our full potential and wake up, we serve as agents of change stewarding the Golden Age . 



autumn art.jpg

Communitas & Allyship

I believe that community is the greatest resource of all. The famous author of “think and grow rich” spoke about the necessity of a mastermind in the fulfillment of riches back in the 1930’s. The most powerful people on earth are only powerful because who they have supporting them and the resources they have access to through their network. It’s time us mystics on a mission self-organize more powerfully and create a coherent field together. The more coherence and congruence among light-workers, whether in the board room, on the stage, or in any domain we play in, it’s time for a stronger thread that weaves us together. That thread is the New Earth Stewards ecosystem. What’s possible when we harvest our collective genius and support each other as a global tribe of badass sacred leaders?

women celebrating.jpg
happy love.jpg

Your Community.

Your participation as a New Earth Steward begins with a 12 month peer advisory mastermind commitment. This is a global movement, so you can join digitally from anywhere and you’ll be placed in a group that works with your timezone.
For sisters in Southern California, or willing to travel, there will be a live council gathering every 4-8 weeks for 9 months, beginning in June.

Worldwide: Our Digital Fractal

We gather online 2x / month- once in mastermind and once in council.
You’ll be in a curated mastermind group of 6-8 sisters. You’ll meet monthly, and in each meeting, 3 women will receive the opportunity to bring forward whatever they’re needing support on. Before any tips/feedback/advice is offered, the group is trained to ask questions that will guide the sister to her own knowing. These calls are held in a very specific way that is proven to be highly effective (which I can attest to from experience).

Once a month, the entire community will gather digitally in a council format. In zoom, we can breakout into smaller groups to dive into meaningful conversations. There is also space for sisters to offer activations, healings, meditations, guided practices, etc to our sisterhood.

We gather as a whole community for an extraordinary week-long community celebration and ceremony in Bali in March 2020, in honor of the Spring Equinox.

You are welcome to join up to 2 live gatherings in San Diego or Los Angeles.

womens day 2016.jpg

Our live in-person council

We’ll meet in San Diego or Los Angeles, and perhaps sometimes in destinations such as Ojai, Laguna or Joshua Tree. Why not always in SD or LA? To make it more accessible for our LA + SD sisters to come together in one circle. I promise the occasional drive north or south will be worth it.

Live in San Diego

❂June 15 [Saturday am-eve]

❂July 20-21 [Saturday - Sunday am]

One Version of a heaven on earth experience.
A ceremonial multi-course, organic farm-to-table dinner that makes you feel great, in the company of other extraordinary women who inspire you.
Ritual. Live Music. Poetry. Story Time. Prayer. Beauty. Deep Connection.Cuddling.
An evening worth gifting yourself amidst your beautifully full life.
It’s all here for you, sister Queen.
These evening into morning experiences are designed for us to fall deeply in love with each other. To create a delicious foundation of trust and intimacy.

We begin with an overnight experience (or one evening and one morning) to deep dive into love, trust and coherence. Song, dance, cuddling, prayer. This first gathering is about falling in love with each other and collectively creating the prayer that we’ll live into together as a circle.

We’ll share another overnight in July/August and we’ll invite a curated men’s council in so we may weave with the men.

To be super clear, this is what New Earth Stewards x Global is:

  • 9 month peer advisory mastermind group with 6-8 women plus a moderator, meeting 1x/month for 2 hours over Zoom Video

  • You will receive full tuition for an inclusive week long luxury retreat in Bali, March 2020. Transportation not included. The typical price point for this exquisite experience is be $3,500-$7,000.

  • Your small group is part of a larger ecosystem of women from all over the world. As a collective, we’ll meet on Zoom 1x/month for 60-90 mins. Typically half our time is Council (digging deep into questions that matter most to us) and a guided experience from one of our sisters. Encouraged, yet optional.

  • The opportunity and art of self-organizing and optimizing the gift of a committed, global network of badass women.

    • Women can offer and self-organize to share their gifts and expertise to the community.

    • We can organize into small groups for 90-day sprints to experience high level support and accountability when birthing new projects into the world.

    • We can gather with local sisters in person, or meet new sisters when we travel to their home towns.

    • We can gift our offerings or trade our services with each other. **However, this is not a space to sell or enroll our sisters into our paid services. More on this later.

New Earth Stewards x Southern California

  • You will also be part of a peer advisory mastermind group of 6-8 sisters.

  • You’ll also be in a committed live circle of local sisters and we’ll meet every 4-6 weeks for the most delicious, in-person sister experiences.

The Mastermind Container

Members share their opportunities and challenges in a unique presentation platform where everyone gets equal time to learn and grow by sharing progress and experiences with their peers. All meetings are 100% confidential.

A member driven, online meeting group, consisting of eight members plus a moderator.

  • A strictly confidential forum.

  • A structured online meeting that runs for two hours, once a month.

  • Based on Gestalt Mindset, mutual trust and personal accountability.


  • An opportunity to gain objective perspective on your most pressing issues.

  • Ability to discuss anything that relates to increasing your Bliss, be it work or personal.

  • A safe space to explore insecurities and vulnerabilities.

  • The reward of helping others pursue their dreams.

The Retreats

white lion.jpg

Choose the membership sacred exchange that will have you feeling committed and excited to play all out.


Join the movement.

Our next round of membership starts June 15th, with the registration and curation period happening now.


Circular economy model

After your first year of membership is fulfilled, all members become eligible to be trained as a moderator and host their own New Earth Stewards peer advisory group and receive up to 50% of the membership fee’s for simply moderating a monthly call. All members are also given the opportunity to invite sisters into future rounds of the incubator and receive abundance for it.

gifting culture

While in the year-long incubator, we encourage sharing of your gifts and magic. No participants are permitted to sell each other their services while in the incubator to keep this a truly supportive space.
If a sister is genuinely a yes and has come on her own organically to a woman’s offering — collaboration in this way is supported. The idea is that we give and receive generously, while also maintaining loving boundaries.

Phase 2 vision

◬A new platform that will make it even easier to be supported, share our gifts with each other and in the world.

◬A fund that will invest in women’s projects within the ecosystem.

◬Local chapters globally

◬A new event model that will create a major ripple of impact, stewarding by us priestesses.


7 Generations

5 generations women.jpg

It all started when…

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