Exquisite Beauty.

Private Retreats & immersions for personal freedom
& livng with greater ease, connection and joy.

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Come on this journey deeper into you.

The you that is craving to come out of hiding

into the light.

The you that exists beyond struggle, doubt or self criticism.

The you that craves to share your gifts and love with this world

and is starving more Truth. For beauty. For connection.

Come home to yourself, beautiful one.

I’ll help walk you there.

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Personal Retreats are intimate and immersive experiences to bring you deeper into your true self, purpose and freedom. A harmonious blend between nourishing retreat to reset your body, mind and spirit, combined with a carefully guided creative container to refine and birth your truest essence, and re-design your life to be in greater alignment with your deepest desires.

Whether you are undergoing a major life transition, launching a new business, or feeling stuck, the power of deep immersion allows you to take a step back from the day-to-day, get a clearer view, and reconnect you to your highest purpose and potential. Even if you changed nothing in your life after our immersion, your whole life would feel and look different — because you’ll be different. You’ll emerge with fresh eyes and a more nourishing way of being that leads to true fulfillment,