Exquisite Beauty.

Private Retreats & immersions for personal freedom
& livng with greater ease, connection and joy.

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Come on this journey deeper into you.

The you that is craving to come out of hiding

into the light.

The you that exists beyond struggle, doubt or self criticism.

The you that craves to share your gifts and love with this world

and is starving for more Truth. For beauty. For connection.

Come home to yourself, beautiful one.

I’ll help walk you there.


Personal Retreats are intimate and immersive experiences to bring you deeper into your true self, purpose and freedom. A harmonious blend between nourishing retreat to reset your body, mind and spirit, combined with a carefully guided creative container to refine and birth your truest essence, and re-design your life to be in greater alignment with your deepest desires.

Whether you are undergoing a major life transition, launching a new business, or feeling stuck, the power of deep immersion allows you to take a step back from the day-to-day, get a clearer view, and reconnect you to your highest purpose and potential. Even if you changed nothing in your life after our immersion, your whole life would feel and look different — because you’ll be different. You’ll emerge with fresh eyes and a more nourishing way of being that leads to true fulfillment.

The Arc of our Sacred Journey Together

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This process is about removing obstacles to living your best life and feeling fully expressed in your relationships, creativity, and purpose. It’s time to bring more beauty and sacredness into your life, so you feel like your the artist of an exquisite masterpiece.


In our 1-hour prep call, we'd enter a discovery process around your intentions for our time together and identity any specific area you'd like to focus on.

The Experience

Where? Held in my beautiful sanctuary in San Diego, CA.
If you'd like to have me come to your home, or to travel to an exquisite venue, we can discuss and craft a custom quote.

Our days together: I incorporate creative exercises, meditations, sensual delights, healing sessions, laser coaching and custom designed experiences for your interests and creative inspirations. Each immersion is different to give you exactly what you’re needing at this moment in your life.

Your Investment in yourself:

1 day, 1 night: $1,950

2 days, 2 nights: $3.600

Deep Dive Immersion, 3+ days: starts at $5,000 and may include other expert practitioners.

*I do offer monthly payment plans, based on case-by-case basis. Please contact me to inquire.

Say this aloud with me, ‘I AM WORTH IT!’

What’s included:

✧Tailor-designed, high-touch experience to meet your needs and intentions.
✧All facilitation, consulting, experience design, and logistics will be handled for you, including concierge support with travel.
✧Overnight accommodations and hospitality.
✧Massage or integrative healing session (1 per day)
✧Nourishing home-cooked meals prepared for your Ayurvedic constitution and dietary requests. All organic, seasonally selected and farm-to-table.
✧Private tea ceremony and meditation.
✧Guided yoga and movement practices.
✧Post-Immersion follow up email of all notes, practices, at-home rituals, plus additional resources crafted just for you.
✧Special gift ritual kit with curated sacred items and tools to continue practicing at home.
✧15% discount on 3 - 12 month 1x1 coaching packages following your immersion. *more details below

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Post-Immersion Private Coaching Program

Based on my experience, I highly recommend follow-up coaching to continue to integrate the learnings and new rituals from the immersion. You’ll receive a 15% discount off all coaching after participating in a Personal Retreat.

Topics could include:

  • Lifestyle Design for greater harmony, vitality, and a life that lights you up.

  • Relationships - cultivate deeper love, trust and romance with your beloved; deepen in connection and bring more meaning into your friendships; tend the most important relationship of all — the one with yourself.

  • Holistic Wellness - tips, recipes, self-care practices, exercises, aligned to your goals.

  • Rituals to stay in your flow, bring more depth, beauty and sacredness into your life.

  • Life transition — move from struggle and doubt to freedom and trust. For career transition - orient to your true Purpose and Life’s Work. For relationship transition - recreate yourself and find new meaning. For loss and other intense life moments, find inner peace amidst it all.

Curious to learn more about one-to-one coaching experiences? Some packages include private retreats!


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If you have any questions or need more information, please reach out directly to Charlene at hello@charleneparker.com