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Be free to lead the life you really want.


Regardless of where you are now, what would be the impact of a radical upgrade in your experience of freedom in all areas of your life? The kind of fundamental shift in being that causes you to be immediately more effective in creating the remarkable life you truly desire.


What does freedom look and feel like?

Even though you already have a life most people dream of, you have the opportunity to claim a whole new level of freedom.

Are you ready to re:define what’s possible for you?


Experience yourself as unstoppable and discover a greater joy and meaning in being the creator of your life.
You create new possibilities for yourself that are not determined by your past, and accomplish in a one year-time frame that which would of normally taken you many years.


Live in a body you love and trust. Create choices and an environment that has you experience vitality, radiance and epic sex.  


Create deeply fulfilling relationships and expand your capacity for intimacy— with your lovers, friends and collaborators.



Experience an embodied knowing of your power, your value and your beauty. Navigating the world from a balanced, self-resourced place where you don’t outsource your power, need validation, or have conditional self-love. You have emotional mastery, allowing the full spectrum of life to move you deeply, but not take you out. 

You know who you really are. You're clear why you’re here. You honor your desires. And you are unwavering in your authentic expression of the truth of you.




Navigate life’s new chapters, opportunities and challenges with grace and unwavering inner peace. Take on the adventure of life in a new way— seeing through the eyes of beauty and cultivating deeper trust in life.

We are often trapped by our own blind spots and the stories we tell ourselves. The only thing preventing you from experiencing profound freedom in all area’s of your life, is you. And the irony of this being human thing — we often can’t see ourselves clearly or what keeps us stuck. We don’t even realize what we’re missing out on or the unnecessary struggle we create in our own lives. But usually, we feel in ourselves that something is missing and we know we are capable of so much more.
It’s what makes us all the same, no human, not even the highest performers, are immune from this. And even the most awake + aware of us, quantum leap in evolution when expertly guided in their transformation. 


Well hello there, I’m Charlene. 🤗

I’m here to be your guide through your next cycle of transformation and coach you to take your life on at a higher level.

My methodology for living a liberated life is this:

No matter which area of your life is asking for more attention right now, freedom in any area comes down to the same thing. Its about who you’re being, how your relating to yourself, how your relating to life and what choices you’re making each day.

Its about what stops you, consciously or unconsciously.
It’s about what inspires you and lights you up.
It’s about what you’re committed too. (And what I see with almost every client, even at the highest caliber, you’re usually committed to the wrong things to have the life you really want.)

Freedom first and foremost is an inner game.

And together, with me as your coach in the corner of the ring, using breakthrough technologies, expert guidance and clear laser-like intuitive knowing...

You’ll take the game of life head on in a more powerful way than you ever have to create significant and lasting results that are worthy of your life.

That inspire the fuck out of you.

That will make you look back a year from now and say, “holy shit, I’m proud of myself, and that was the best investment I ever made.”


Opportunities to work with me, transform your life and discover true freedom. 


One to One Coaching

You don’t have to do it alone anymore. Every courageous, powerful person committed to living their best life, has coaching and mentorship. Athletes don’t become champions without a coach championing them to rise into their fullest potential. With my support, you’ll transform your life from the inside out, so you live in awe of how incredible you are, and your life starts to feel like an exquisite masterpiece.

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Private Retreats & VIP Days.

An experience designed just for you, to come home to yourself and return to center.
You will feel freer, more embodied in your power, deeply nourished and more in love with yourself. In these in-person, private immersions, you move from a state of struggle to a beautiful state of clarity and remembrance of who you really are. Whether in time of transition and healing or desiring a creative doula to help you birth your next heart felt business - this is your sacred space.

If you could wave a magic wand,
what area of your life would you create more freedom in?

What would be possible for you, if you were truly free in that area? 

How would your life look and feel? What would you create?

Schedule your free consultation call with me now, and I promise to bring my magic wand!

Charlene has changed my life. People say that kind of thing all the time, but this is the real deal. I’ve had a lot of coaching and incredible life experiences, but I’ve never been happier, more fulfilled or clearer about who I am and why I’m here. I’m also having more fun than ever! Charlene’s an angel and her work is remarkable.
— David; Entertainment Industry Entrepreneur



Design your life, live your dreams.


Private coaching and personal immersions are for those ready to live a life by design and cause immediate and lasting change. It’s a direct and expedited route to the fulfillment of your wildest dreams and most inspired life. A program will be customized to suit your specific needs, meeting you where you’re at to empower you to create the change you deeply desire. Charlene’s coaching takes a revolutionary approach to life, where you will…
✔️Come to know and love yourself
✔️Learn how to return to your center, no matter the circumstances
✔️Bring the unconscious, conscious, and resolve the past
✔️Live with greater awareness and self-mastery
✔️Align your heart-mind-and actions
✔️Develop impeccability, integrity and a Champion’s mentality
✔️Experience more freedom, self expression, pleasure, intimacy, JOY, love, play, effective leadership, authenticity, beauty and miracles.


Gifting myself a private 2 day immersion with Charlene was the best thing I’ve ever done, next to birthing my child. It was a complete reset and who I’ve become in the months since is nothing short of a miracle. I experience myself in a whole new way—more alive, more free, creating more powerfully than ever before and I’m proud of the role modeling I’m providing my daughter. Our entire lives have changed for the better.
— Jana, Entrepreneur and Mother



Set Yourself Free.

Learn More & Schedule Your Free Consultation.


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